Bend stretch repeat but with different results

This has been a bit of a mixed week to be honest. I had Spin Class at the start of the week and I just went for it and did my best despite the fact that I seem to have a bit of a niggle on my left leg.

I kept up pretty much but I am still not very happy at the parts of the session where we have to stand in our pedals. Standing on pedals is something I did quite a lot when cycling as a kid as Malvern where I grew up was pretty hilly but Warwickshire where we live  now has rolling countryside and most of the hills round us can be tackled sitting…

Having felt quite energised and motivated Tuesday night the following day I found myself phoning up for an impromptu day off having had an appalling nights sleep… possibly due to indigestion

I was also feeling at a low ebb. I felt paralysed and lacking in the energy to do anything. I couldn’t bring myself to knit or sew and I just felt that I was getting nowhere; the weight just wasn’t shifting no matter how hard I tried.

I felt in Limbo

Thursday it was back down to Banbury for Barre Fit and my mood was still pretty low. I felt like an elephant amongst gazelles, clumsy and uncoordinated..Probably wearing grey didn’t help things!

The Friday morning was the opposite of Wednesday. I felt tired but in a good way. The word that sprang to mind was ethereal as though my mind was free from clutter…


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