The best laid plans…

Mostly I write my posts about a month after the event as a) I am basically lazy and b) I prefer to think my posts over and have space to decide whether what I am writing about is actually interesting or just me moaning…

This works ok most of the time but not when you end up being off work due to illness and your draft posts are 25 miles away on your work computer.

So yes, after getting to a nice place with this exercise and diet lark my plans were suddenly completely derailed by a serious chest infection that laid me low and off work for a number of days…I then went back to work (and exercise) too early and ended up being off again as I was still having trouble breathing and there was “no fuel in the tank” (spoilers: yes at the start of November I was in despair that the weight was going up rather than down but come  the end of November and the situation is much much different)

But being off has given me time to think and to plan.

I am pretty useless at following a diet and exercise plan unless I am doing it for a reason. For example I can give up alcohol quite easily but can also be easily persuaded to have a glass of wine if my abstinence is because I choose to for weight loss reasons. But tell me I am doing the Dryathlon to raise money for charity then I am steadfast in my refusal to touch a drop…

Give me a series of exercises to follow and I will find reasons not to do it but sign me up to a 6 week programme with a weekly check in then I will even drag my sick self in for the weigh in.

So I am going to set myself some targets…some are quite vague such as aim to start cycling to the station twice a week by the end of March or get down to 11.5 stone by the end of November (I failed this one incidentally because of the chest infection by 1lb !) but others are actual events… I have 3 of these in mind but I need more information about them as I have a nasty feeling that at least one of them will clash with something the Man already has tickets for…so I may have to have a rethink…

So keep your eyes out for an extra page appearing on this blog shortly setting out my goals for next year.

In other news I reached the end of the NHS weight loss programme…it was not an unqualified success but on the other hand it has lead me to changing my sluggish lifestyle for the better so it may work but with a timescale a lot longer than 12 weeks.


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