Targets and Goals 2016

Plans for (mostly) 2016

  1. Get to 11st 7 by end of November [FAILED]
  2. Complete:

– drop a jeans size by 18th December [completed]

– Barre Party Dress programme by 11th December [completed…mostly]

  1. Weigh 11 stone by 1st January 2016 [failed]
  2. Complete Couch to 5k by end January [yay! Nailed it]
  3. Register to do the 2 Castles 10k  (registration opens 1/03/16) -replaced this with wolf run
  4. do the Battlefield 5k 5th March [completed]
  5. Weigh  10 stone 7 by 15th March… [never going to happen !]
  6.   Be cycling the 8 miles to station twice a week from end May
  7.   Complete “Cycle your Butt” off by end of March [Done]
  8.   Weigh 10 Stone by end of April 2016 [ Failed]
  9. Complete the Matt Roberts Fat Loss programme by end of May [Done]
  10. Take part in the 2 Castles 10k run  12th June 2016….wolf run instead…in september [Completed]

13  Take part in the Night Ride Bristol  25/26th June  [completed…boy was it tough]

14 Cycle the 25 miles to work in a reasonable time (say 2.5 hours) by end of June [completed end of May]

15 Weigh 9 Stone 5 by end of August 2016 [Failed]

16 Take part in the Warwickshire Triathlon  2nd October 2016 [completed]