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Friday Night/Saturday Morning

So Friday night I bit the bullet and joined the gym at the local leisure centre. I was intending just to use it as a source of indoor cycling and the occasional bit of swimming.

Somehow though I find myself agreeing to come in 15 minutes earlier than I normally do on a Saturday (for the Boy’s swimming lesson) for Personal Goal Setting.

I have a cold so they can forget any idea of getting me to try any gym equipment. I am not going to allow them to talk me into anything but what I have decided I am going to do… exercise refusniks like me need to take things slowly thank you very much

Anyway I walk in and there is the sadistic instructor from last Tuesday… and then I find myself wondering around behind him watching him flex his muscles as he demonstrates how to use the equipment and somehow when I go back through the double doors to collect the Boy I find he has talked me in to doing a beginners training programme on the weights machine thingamabobs… apparently I need to do some resistance training

I don’t need training in resistance. I am very good at resistance… I have been resistant to the idea of exercise pretty much since joining secondary school…

A combination of my cold, a small hangover and the fact that my friend Wingnut was coming over later to drag my lardy ass all over the Warwickshire countryside geocaching meant I postponed the planned cycling. I’m in danger of postponing Sunday’s trip out too as the geocaching left me in pain for other reasons as my boots don’t fit…

This whole exercise lark is reminding me not to be complacent about good equipment and taking one’s time to ensure a good fit. My previous boots lasted 13 years and had been all over the world. Unfortunately they died last bank holiday when the sole came apart from the uppers…the ones I used today came from TKMax and are supposed to be technically superior which is no bloomin good if they are too narrow…

Talking about good fit. I now need to work out how to fit 3 sessions of gym based resistance training into a life already overstuffed with deadlines and commitments.


Saturday: In which the man has his head turned… with expensive consequences

The Boy spends his Tuesday evenings at karate… he is becoming quite good and seems to enjoy it. His karate group is part of a bigger collection who have additional practice on Saturdays in Daventry. As his group doesn’t meet during the school holidays he has  been invited to join Saturday practice.

Karate grading also takes place in Daventry. At the start of the holidays we took the boy to be graded. Parents are not encouraged to hang around whilst grading takes place so the Man and I went window shopping for an hour or so. After wondering around Daventry town centre we wondered back through the retail park where we stumbled upon a bike shop.

This is not the sort of bike shop I usually frequent. It’s one of those staffed by skinny male assistants with well cultivated and tended facial hair who splatter their conversation liberally with the word “cadence”…the sort of place that a casual cyclist like me feels out of place and uncomfortable.

The man and I quietly amused ourselves seeing who could find the most expensive bike (£8k Cannondale in case you were wondering) and fondling the occasional shiny bit of metal.

I suddenly realise I was alone. The Man has stopped and didn’t seem to have moved for about 5 minutes…spooling back to the start of our hours freedom I  recalled  him similarly stopping outside Daventry Leisure centre to admire a stealth black Specialized…and that was what he was stood in front of…quite heavily discounted as it is last years stock. The Man is captivated.

Some weeks later we come back to Daventry for the Saturday training session. As we drop the Boy off the Man casually suggest  “lets have a look in the bike shop…I think there is a café there”

I think I probably knew this was coming. He has been distracted on occasion during the holiday eying up other bikes around the Netherlands and Denmark. A strange glint in his eye

Anyway we wonder in and the sexy stealth black model he had been eying up previously had gone and in its place there is a monstrous green and orange version…safe. But wait, one of the  hirsute young men sidles across casually mentioning into the Man’s willing ear that “yes, we do have  a black one in the stock room”…

After that it was pretty much a done deal. The Man was so  in love with this bike that all it took was an offer to put pedals on it and let him ride it round and round the car park  and shortly after he was wielding the plastic and agreeing a delivery date of 2 weeks in the future…