Leon of London

Leon of London

It’s Friday, the day after Barre Fit and I ache but I’m happy. What I’m not happy about is that I have a meeting in London and after a day in London I am usually ill… I think it’s being on the tube that does it, the sudden close proximity of 100’s and 100’s of different germs.

My friend Mrs LeRu doesn’t do the tube anymore. She decided on starting a new job in London that she would use the opportunity to keep fit and has started using the Boris Bikes instead of the tube to go from Paddington to Westminster.

2015-10-02 12.27.13

It’s feasible. There is a stand of bikes, in fact 2 stands of bikes near Marylebone and another just round the corner from the office. Oddly it is not fear of the traffic that holds me back (despite once acting for a man on 3 separate personal injury claims relating to being knocked off his bike in London) but fear of getting lost in the traffic… but then I guess that’s what sat nav is for… however my phone doesn’t do that sort of thing.

Instead I get my exercise from walking. If I have time I get off the tube at Charing Cross and walk up Whitehall to Westminster.

Sometimes I treat myself to a breakfast of porridge at Leon. Although in the months since I last did this I began to wonder whether actually Pret did better porridge…I put it down to the fact that they included holes in their porridge pot lids which let the steam out…

2015-10-02 09.50.362015-10-02 09.50.53

2015-10-02 09.51.002015-10-02 09.53.44

So I was pleased to  discover that Leon were also now using the holes…the porridge was better but sorry guys still not as good as Pret… I feel like a traitor…because I love Leon…

This morning I was pleased to find an Itzu opened just by Charing Cross but they don’t do anything I want for breakfast…there was however an Itzu round the corner from the office and they did do something I wanted for lunch…

2015-10-02 12.31.07

I am also happy that walking to station at Leamington and then and down Whitehall from Charing Cross gave me my 10000 steps without trying  🙂


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