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Am I normal ?

 i am clueless when it comes to working out whether I am a slow cyclist or not so I thought I would get some guidance from some of those for whom cycling to work is just part of life… as opposed to those who dress up in Lycra and go hell for leather down the countryroads round us…

 So I contacted a friend Temporary Cassidy in one of our other offices who works with LC (Lovely Colleague, she who runs the Thin Club).  I had been calling him Hopalong, but his only hopping around on a temporary basis having slipped whilst walking a couple of months ago and broke his ankle… TC was, before the accident, a very active cyclist cycling to work everyday and going running after work together with yoga and pilates.

His ride to work was similar to what mine had been except he had a choice of off road (down the canal) or on road… His journey varied depening of traffic and headwind but the off road was usually about 40 minutes and the slightly longer traffic infested route was 55 minutes at most… So about 5 minutes a mile.

My brother was also happy to share his cycling experience and to pass on some suggestions such as joining Strava

“But my phone doesn’t really connect to the internet, I’m on a basic contract”

“That’s ok, as long as you have GPS and carry the phone with you on the ride then you can upload your data later”

BB (Big Brother) gave me something to aim for as his commute was shorter and faster. He completes it in about 12 minutes at about 3 minutes a mile. But he also tries to cycle during his lunch hour at least 3 time a week  “I’d like to do 50km but that isn’t really feasible in the time if I want a shower so usually its 30km”

Hmmm, so if I want to be as fit as my brother  (oh I do I do, I’ve seen what cycling has done for him !) then I am looking at cycling… hang on I need to convert his KMH to miles… about 130 miles a week minimum preferably at 3 miles an hour… that may take some time  to achieve  😦 and… Winters coming… at the moment I am pulling in about 15 miles a week !

I’m calling it a green today although I may regret it next week. The weight last night was 11.12 but oddly despite having eaten nothing and been to the loo it was 12 this morning  😦



Week 1 Day 1 the retake

Today is weigh in day for the NHS programme. I clock in at 12 stone which is not good as it puts me back at the start of my Thin Club declaration from 3 weeks ago.  However I do get to claim a 31.5 inch waist… maybe the exercise and dieting is having some effect and the weight gain is muscle… however it scores a 44 inch below the belly button across my fat belt.

Measuring the fat belt is not easy with a tape measure… normally I just stand in the bath room, grab the flab between my two hands and exclaim “where the hell did that come from…”

I decide to start  Week 1 again as I didn’t really pay much attention to the 5 a day and failed miserably on the resistance exercises… to start me off  I deliberately forget my lunch

Forgetting my lunch is a planned weight loss technique… stick with me on this…

I think my failure to lose weight last week despite the cycling was because I have stopped parking my car a mile away from work (It’s been raining… I’m a wimp!).  I had been clocking up almost 10,000 steps simply walking between work and car together with a walk at lunchtime.

So lunch had to be foraged for. It wasn’t cheap but it started me off on the right footing… a Prêt super bowl salad and a portion of mango which not only ticked the fibre fruit and veg boxes but gave me 2,500 steps… sadly that will be the total for the day as rain means I am in the car park again with only a 30 second walk between car and desk

However with the Man back I have someone to “babysit” (the Boy is 10 and cannot be left alone in the house for another 4 years yet… and to be honest I am not sure I would trust the Boy in any event, he is bright but lacks awareness of “risk”)

The ride this evening felt good and left my glowing with self righteous thoughts… when I stopped lying on the floor and moaning that is. If you are not here for the cycling then you may want to skip ahead to Wednesday when there is a review. This week unfortunately will be quite heavy on the bike stuff as I am trying to fit four short rides in before the end of the week.

I don’t know about you but it is rare that I come back from holiday lighter than when I left… I am a bit worried about the forthcoming holiday that all the good I have done so far will be undone.


Today is declaration day for Thin Club. Thin Club is like Fight Club except the first rule is that you tell everyone about it.

I know it’s not the done thing to talk about trying to lose weight because it bores the pants of people. Telling people though can be useful because if you have told the right people then they remind you when temptation is put in your path… they can reinforce your will power.

Thin Club is a virtual club based on self declaration. All the members work in different offices of the same organisation. It has struggled to get off the ground… some people committed to Thin Club only to then confess  they didn’t actually own a pair of scales.

For the past 2 weeks then it’s been mostly me and a colleague talking about avoiding or not avoiding temptation over the email. We have come to the conclusion that all birthdays should be banned and no colleagues should be allowed to go on holiday… there is too much cake in the office.

This week we are both “calling it orange” No one has a green light (indicating a reduction from the week before). We agree that this is probably the downside of a warm weekend in the UK that we all rush out to do barbeques and drink wine

Today is Friday… I’ll explain why Fridays are a problem another time… at least this evening I won’t be going home and splitting a bottle of wine with the Man… but there will be Steak and Chips and some wine at my parents… but its ok because breakfast and lunch involved fruit and vegetables… and NOT, I promise NOT giving in to the temptation of Italian biscuits from a colleagues trip to Italy…