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Did I mention I have no hair ?

I never really introduced myself… just rushed straight in. Well now I have worked out how to get photos off my phone and on to wordpress (I have an android and mostly I create content on an IPad mini or at work neither of which will let me add photos from the phone) I probably should say hello properly

Hello… this is me…


at least this was me on the Saturday morning before the bank holiday at about 11am…

This is now what I look like….


My next door neighbour has just removed all my hair for me as part of Macmillan Cancer supports “Brave the Shave” campaign

It was probably the most exciting thing to have happened in the village for some time hence the number of children who were also crowded into the back garden watching and videoing the event… fortunately none of them are old enough or technologically savvy enough to have worked out how to add it to YouTube… yet !