(a post from just before Christmas…which I meant to publish last week but pressed the wrong buttons)

I ran officially for 3 minutes without stopping… and then to make sure I ran for 3 minutes more some 6 minutes later…

Then later that day I took a train into Birmingham for our works Christmas Dinner. Unfortunately the usual confusion over how much each person needed to put in to settle the bill meant that myself and a colleague just, by a matter of a few seconds missed the train back to the office in Solihull where my car was parked… the guard saw us standing by the train door pushing the open button and refused to open the doors… despite the fact that the train then didn’t depart for another minute… not very Christmas spirited…so we had to stand on the platform and wave bye bye to our colleagues who had run that little bit quicker than us and had made it on to the train

The next train didn’t leave for another 40 minutes and wasn’t much use to my colleague as she was travelling on to Banbury and this one finished at Leamington Spa.  I suggested we caught that one anyway as I would be heading down towards Banbury and it would only be another 15 minute drive.

On reaching the office we discovered that neither my card nor hers would activate the car park barrier so it was fortunate that a concerned colleague who wanted to make sure we got back safely had stayed behind and seemed to have an “access all areas pass”…

An hour and thirty minutes later I finally crawled into bed at 12.25am in the morning…

This morning I forced myself to do the core and barre as I have been a bit lax this week but my heart wasn’t in it… I needed to be back in bed…

Fortunately my team leader shared this view and said if there was nothing urgent I could go home at 3pm… so I ditched the planned lunchtime run, tied up the urgent stuff and headed home…

The truth is I only came into work because my trainers were here…

I think I may be pushing things a bit much…some people claim they exercise as a release from the stress of the day… perhaps it will someday work for me…work is a bit stressful at the moment, I probably came back from my chest infection a bit too soon because I was worried about things I hadn’t done and getting behind… not exercising also causes me stress because I am worried about not keeping on target.

I have to remind myself that it is mostly the journey… the aiming and trying and that even if I don’t quite make it the fact that I tried better and perhaps improved on what went before is sufficient

Note to self: Don’t beat yourself up quite so much when you can’t because you don’t feel up to it, Do beat yourself up if you don’t do it because you can’t be bothered !


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