This week I tried a whole host of new things partly because some of them were quite small and partly because I wasn’t sure I would be able to implement them during the week and that may have to revisit them on another occasion.

I decided this week I would try

  • Drinking more coffee
  • Drinking green tea
  • Cooking with coconut oil
  • Take a glucomonnon supplement
  • Cut back on added sugar
  • Count steps/wear a pedometer
  • Start a food diary

So yes, quite a list and it turns out that I needed a long list as I was quickly crossing things out as not feasible or not sensible.

The tip of drinking more coffee is because coffee amongst other things act as an appetite supressent… I lived on coffee during my 20’s, drunk strong and black and its probably why I in my 40’s I find it hard to recognise when I am hungry.

Anyway last January I switched to black coffee to reduce the calorie content of my caffeine addiction so this week I decided that I would try drinking better quality coffee because…. But then failed to find my coffer press and a bag of ground coffee until Thursday night.

Drinking green tea was a failure too. I don’t actually like green tea (believe me I have tried) so I wasn’t particularly active in looking for the tea bags and found them by accident when looking for the coffee press.

I ditched the idea of the coconut oil. It was too expensive and decided it was probably better to just cut down on the amount of oil used in cooking

The glucommon supplement was axed once I finally found out what is was namely a fibre supplement that swells after being swallowed which is supposed to make you feel full for longer. Well since feeling hungry is not actually a problem for me (see above) and there are the risk of blockages if it swells in the wrong palce I decided to that this was a definite no-no….

The no added sugar didn’t really work either as apart from a bit of maple syrup on porridge there isn’t a great deal of sugar in my life at the moment…

Not doing too well am I this week am I ?

The food diary was a good option and I have been keeping it diligently in combination with the pedometer which ended up being a FitBit and which deserves a post of its own… I think these 2 items must have helped because the Weigh in this week was pretty impressive.


Yep…that’s a whole 3lbs and 2% reduction in fat…

Other stats…well I could get boring with them now I have a fitbit so I will just share that I am now reaching the final of the couch to 5k…and still managing 2 spin class a week…


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