Week 1 Day 1 (C25K)

According to the progress wall on the App I made my first run on Sunday 15th November…

I was guilted into it as my neighbour Mrs 54 ran passed the back of the house whilst I was cleaning the kitchen and then stopped at the back door for a chat…

She had just been on her first run  “I texted you to see if you wanted to come but you didn’t reply”

“No, sorry, I’d already started cleaning the kitchen. I was planning to go later…”

Unfortunately this was said in front of witnesses and the Man chucked me out of the house at about 3.30pm saying “if you don’t do it now you will miss the light, it’ll be dark just after 4pm”

Good tactics on his part to be honest. He knows that I love walking down our lane at that time of day as the sky goes crepuscular. I get a wonderful surge of “hiraeth” (which is a welsh word with no English equivalent related to a feeling of home and belonging)… only really works though in the winter when the fields are bare, there’s a slight chill in the air and when I stand on top of the hill looking back towards the village I can see the welcoming twinkle of lights and I know that within 10 minutes I can be back inside being hugged by the warmth of our house…

So I set off… with the phone pressed to my ear as I didn’t want to use headphones in case of traffic (there are no pavements, it’s a countryroad) and I didn’t know where the volume control was on my phone (the Boy, in a stereotypical children are better at technology than adults way, showed me where it was a couple of weeks later).

Walking briskly as I didn’t want to start running whilst on an uphill stretch (because that would send me straight back home) I headed out of the village…and then… I ran…

Imagine the sound of a hundred hippos galloping across concrete and you get the idea but. I. Actually. Ran…

And then collapsed on the sofa… but not until over half an hour later.


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