Stats: week 1


I don’t have a start weight for the new year as I didn’t go to the gym last Saturday. The Boy was ill so missed swimming. My home scales said 12 stones plus and a fat % of about 40%.

so pretty much back to where I was last July 😕

When I finally managed to get myself on the gyms official scales it wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped…I also seemed to have gained a cm in height to go with the lb (note singular) that I had managed to shed…



so yeah, not very impressive…also gym scales turned out not to have a fat monitor so I still had to weigh myself at home to find out I was 39% fat…and 11 stone 11…

So, some other statistics to try and cheer myself up…and because the Man bought me a running log…for reasons I will explain another time.

i have run a total of 6 miles…at an average of 4.9mph outside and just over 4mph if I am on a treadmill…I can do a mile in a pb of 12 minutes and 17 seconds…I can currently run just over 2 miles without stopping.

i have upped the spin class to twice a week and on average burn 350 calories in a 45 minutes…and can keep up with the rest of the class


i have been trying to drink about 4 pints of water a day excluding that during or after exercise…I am almost meeting this but it’s taking awhile to make it a habit.

i also tried eating eggs for breakfast rather than porridge…because not only does it mean I start the day with protein but it is easier to include vegetables with eggs…spinach and porridge does not appeal !

oh and I am also dry until February 2nd

not really seek the benefits from this week though…but still a lb is a lb



3 thoughts on “Stats: week 1

  1. bribikes

    Haha, I hope this doesn’t sound weird but we are weight buddies, to the exact pound! (You are an inch taller than me though…) I lost 75 pounds just from my biking, but I have begun to realize that if I want to get my weight down lower, I am actually going to have stop eating quite so much food. So I have been cutting down a bit over the holiday season and I have lost a few pounds-which is actually the first time I can ever remember the scale going down not up over Christmas-which is really exciting! But I still have lots of work to do 😉 We will both get there, slow and steady!

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  2. 5currantbuns Post author

    😀 I suspect you are an awful lot fitter than me as your commute is healthier than mine although I’m aiming to do bike/train by Easter… They say weight loss is easier if you have a buddy ! Good luck, am sure you will get there…hopefully we both get there



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