Thursday – Sunday 12-15 Couch to 5 K


The weight hasn’t moved… which was pretty depressing, in fact its gone up

Going to have to look carefully at what I am eating to see if I can improve that… not sure I can up the exercise any more but having said that

I appear at some point to have agreed with my neighbour that I would do the Couch to 5K with her… I put it down to the free flowing wine at my Dad’s 77th birthday party (which may possibly have a link to this week’s weight increase… that and all the leftovers we have been eating this week).

I had tried a “my first mile” programme at the Gym but after starting slowly it got too intense to quickly and I struggled to complete run number 3

Anyway whereas I forgot about that promise my neighbour did not and I now find myself simultaneously following the Drop a Jeans size programme, the party dress on line programme and the Couch to 5 K… when am I going to get time to cycle whilst doing all this !


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