Find a new plan Stan

Whenever I have tried to lose weight by exercise, at some point through the process I look down and fall in love with my legs…I suddenly realise that actually they look quite good, not slim but toned.

It’s those moments you have to hang on to when the scales are stubbornly refusing to budge… like this morning…or about a week ago.

After 3 months of exercise I have lost 4lbs… or I had before Christmas intervened.  I have lost inches off my thighs and bottom and about 2% of my body fat  (down to 37%).

The glacial rate of progress can be quite dispiriting and yes, probably lead to slightly more excess over Christmas than the restrained approach I had promised myself.

OK I do have a slight excuse of the chest infection which lasted a month but still I do have to grade myself with a “C-“ and “could do better”

So it’s time for a rethink and a new approach.

Firstly I am only going to weigh myself once a week on the scale at the Gym.

Secondly a more disciplined approach to eating including keeping a Food Diary because psychologically if you are having to record it then you are more likely to think twice before you eat it.

Thirdly I have drawn up a list of hints and tips from various web sites advising you of “why-you-are-not-losing-weigth-despite-the-fact-you-are-exercising-like it’s-going-out-of-fashion” and am going to try a new one a week… whilst continuing with the hint/tips from previous weeks if I think they are genuinely useful…  such as “drink water”

Finally I am going to relax and enjoy 2016 focusing not so much on the weight loss goals but on the other targets on my 2016 list so that in 12 months time I can look back on 2017 and think “I did that…I the Sofa Slug got out of the house and did THAT”

Because no matter how much blubber I manage to shift I am never going to be a whippet thin red carpet movie star but being happier healthier and fitter and being around to see the Boy reach 18 is good enough if not better. As is giving the Boy a good example as a parent.


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