Hitting the wall/Why rest days are important

They say that exercise is good for reducing stress. There are some people who when they have a stressful day run their stress away or get on a bike and remove the cares off their shoulders just by pedalling away in the countryside.

I don’t think I’m that sort of person…I mean I knew I was in the wrong job when I found myself drafting a witness statement in my head when swimming lengths of the local pool.

I am therefore fortunate that stressful days are few and far between.

Today was a busy day at work. I had to issue proceedings to remove unwanted travellers from work property. I spent all day on the paperwork, almost forgot to eat lunch and hardly had anything to drink… plus I was enduring the monthly joy of being a girl…

Tuesdays are Spin nights…

I knew almost as soon as I got on the bike that something was wrong. It felt as if someone had removed all my batteries… there was just no fuel in the tank. A sensible person would stop here but I pressed on wondering if I had set the bike up properly.

Tonight’s session was called “Back to the Future”. The idea was you did half the class checked the readings for average speed, distance etc and then reset the computer and in the second half try and beat the readings for the first half… so in effect do the same 20 minutes again

Well I walked out just after the half way stage. I  just upped and left, headed home and collapsed on the sofa. Kate  the instructor was nice to call the next day to check I was ok which I was and as I explained I just had nothing left to give as I’d used it all stressing out over getting the paperwork right.


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