London, trains and sustainable urban drainage

I love my job. It’s different and varied and infinitely interesting no day is the same.

Often I draft legal agreements for projects we carry out in partnership with other organisations…sometimes the project manager remembers I helped and invites me to come and see what was created.

Today was one of those days

I don’t have photos of the drainage system built by London Underground as I wasn’t sure if I could take photos whilst on their property but I was able to take photos of my walk to work down Whitehall…



Monty was my breakfast table… take away Eggs Benedict. It was a good day and I felt glad to be alive




What was not quite so good was the photo I was sent the next day of the project team and me looking like a squat dumpy equilateral triangle next to the 6th foot 10 Iso triangle of my instructing officer.


Note to self… don’t stand next to tall skinny people if you are likely to have your photo taken…it’s not good for your self esteem!

Also, I may have caught a cold on the underground…


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