Some days you are the statue

Yesterday was not the best of days. I had to go to Coventry to collect a pair of safety shoes from a colleague…of course I got lost. It is practically the law in Coventry that if you try and go somewhere new you will get lost. Even once you get used to the ring road you will still get lost because periodically they dig it up and change things just for fun !

Getting lost meant it was getting dark and the streetlights were coming on

On collecting the shoes and reaching the city limits it eventually dawned on me that the way in front was not as clear and bright as it should be. OK so the streetlights pretty much finished once you left the city and headed into countryside but most cars are equipped with headlights right ? And mine appeared to be on… so why was it so dark ?

Pulling over I realised that both my front dip headlights were for some reason not working. Fortunately full beam was so I managed to limp home but probably made myself a good many enemies in the traffic coming towards me…woops !

Without headlights though there was no way I would be able to get to BarreFit down in Bodicote… it really was turning into a bit of a horrid day.

Friday didn’t start much better. The weekly weigh in showed a miniscule reduction and I could go to the gym as planned to catch up on missed work outs as I had to sort my headlight situation out.

I was beginning to feel as if the whole world was against me and I should just get back into bed. But I couldn’t take the day off and hide under the duvet as I needed to collect a train ticket from work

Then suddenly everything started falling into place again as though someone had flicked a switch and said “no today its your turn to be the pigeon” and all the little stresses started melting away as quickly as they had built up…


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