My first bike

Apparently everyone remembers their first car…does everyone remember their first bike?

Not sure. All the people I’ve asked do but then all the people I have asked like bikes…

My first bike was small and white and I think a Peugeot…that would fit I guess since the small island we live on was, at the time, under both French and British control. What I never bothered to think about until now was how my parents got hold of it in the first place. I mean we are talking a very small remote island where the majority of things had to be imported by boat… vegetables came in cans except for locally grown stuff like sweet potato, yams etc

But somehow at some point a small white bike with stabilisers came into my life… and a small possibly blue bike became my brothers pride and joy also with stabilisers and we used to bomb up and down the “road” with careless abandon about traffic…

Fortunately it was not a main road more of a drive/residential road and traffic was few and far between.

Then one fateful day I abandoned the bike on our drive and rushed off to do the sort of things that are important to a 4 year old only for my beautiful bike to be flattened and twisted as my Dad reversed over it   😦

He did what he could to straighten things out but the stabilisers were beyond help…so he did what any parent would and decided it was about time I learned how to ride a bike and whilst he was about it he would teach my brother at the same time…

I don’t remember much about it to be honest. Apparently it was the old tried and true method of running along holding the back and then without telling the child stop holding… it’s the method I used on the Boy… however that is a whole other tale of woe…

When questioned my Dad confirms that I learned much faster than my brother and it took several goes for him to get the hang of it…I hold on to this fact as its possibly the first and last time I did better than my big brother…although sibling rivalry continues to this day to be good motivating factor !


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