My new wheels



I have been hanging around ebay again and stumbled upon a pair of 700c chrome wheels which I managed to get for £10… I had been hoping for £4 but in the last 10 minutes someone else started bidding.

Fortunately I learned my lesson and now if I want to collect something I make sure it is in the same county as me…or possibly the next one over as these were based in Daventry which is 15 miles away…

The buyer was located on one of the new estates that are a warren of roads as each road has side roads off them which in turn have side roads off them until you have turned so many times you don’t know which way you are facing.

On my return the Man said “I started to get worried once it got passed 7.30… I thought you had mistaken Daintree in Essex for Daventry…”

Ha Ha (not)

Unfortunately with ebay you have to take your chances if you don’t have the time to ask questions of the seller. On getting them home the back one turns out to have a broken spoke and a flat spot… but slightly less of a flat spot than my original wheels…

Anyway going to see what we can do with the 4 wheels we have.

Apologies for the photo quality…it’s dark outside now most of the time I am at home.


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