NHS 12 Week Plan – the halfway mark

I think it is safe to say that the first 6 weeks of the NHS plan did not go well. After a good start I went on holiday and then ended up starting again… not that it helped

The main thrust of the NHS 12 week programme is move more, eat less.  That’s ok I can do that… no problem

So how do they suggest I eat less?

  • Watch calories
  • Learn about calories in food
  • Portion control
  • Eat more veg
  • Make sure you have breakfast
  • Embrace healthy ways of cooking
  • Fill up with fibre
  • Porridge
  • Eat soup
  • Avoid alcohol and calorie laden drinks

The problem is that I have been doing all that for some time already so continuing doing it is unlikely to make a major difference. The difficult bits for me are the avoiding alcohol and the eating more veg… and possibly the portion control….so there the bits I need to tackle going forward

On portion control  both myself and the Man are children of parents who were children during the war or just after. My parents and his were taught to eat what was in front of you and it was hell to pay if you didn’t. They brought us up the same way. The problem is that there wasn’t a lot of food to put on your plate during the war but there is now.  Eating everything on your plate is a problem when food is not in scarce supply.

We took a long hard look at the food on our plate. Although we are not serving massive portions or going up for seconds we agreed there was room for some portion reduction.

Alcohol.  I am not sure I could cut this out. You see I like the taste of wine. I like the occasional glass with a meal and loosing weight by cutting out wine is not sustainable if I go straight back to drinking wine when the weight has gone. So greater control on when and how often I consume alcohol. 2 G&T’s and a half bottle of wine a week puts me under the recommended units for a week

Eat more vegetables. This is the real tough one unless I start eating them with my breakfast porridge. My evening meal is not a solo affair and there are a limited number of vegetables the Man and the Boy will eat…I guess I can switch to a vegetarian lunch?

Move more

This didn’t start well. I am one of those people who won’t exercise unless I am told to. I need to be ordered to undertake a specific task on a specific day then I won’t do it

I need goals not vague “you have to do 30 minutes a day of your choice”

It didn’t help that their main suggestions involved apps which didn’t like the age of my phone. Things improved by week 5 when I joined the Gym and signed myself up with the Barre Fit programme as these were definite dates in my diary… I had to turn up

The other suggestion was to build more exercise in your life by finding opportunities to move more like getting off a stop earlier on the bus. Whereas I had been doing this quite a lot in the summer, parking my car away from the office and using the toilet on the 3rd floor instead of the ground floor the descent of the gloomy autumn weather found me parking in the car park more and more.

End result – start weight  12 stone 1

At half way point 11 stone 13

So 2lbs lost… not great but it’s still a reduction



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