Let’s Off Road/ the Last Waltz

The last official flight of the Vulcan took place this afternoon (debatable) over Gaydon Motor Heritage Centre… and since one of the things the Man loves more than possibly his wife and child is the last flying Vulcan nothing was going to stop him seeing it… not even the predicted traffic congestion and the fact that tickets to the actual site have been sold out for months…

We were going to see it. All of us, as a family “after all the Boy was there for its first public outing” (he was, Aged about 2.5 if I remember correctly…in 2007 when we were rebuilding the house).

And what’s more we were going by bike because we just happen to live not far from junction 12 and have easy access to bridleways and other cross country routes… a good opportunity for “the Special One” (the Man’s new bike) to get muddy and for the Boy to try some off road muddy cycling…

At least it would have been had we not managed to lose the bridle way and ended up pushing the bikes along several public footpaths and over various stiles. However a local farmer showed us the error of our ways and managed to point us back on route (and let us over a couple of his fields in order to rejoin the century way)…

The Boy was not impressed… too much horse muck/sheep muck/cow muck… too many brambles… grounds too bumpy…. Etc etc. Honestly this boy could moan for Wales (the males in the family claim to be Welsh, and not just because England haven’t got passed the group stage of the World


All moaning was forgotten once we got the other side of the M40 and the glorious Vulcan appeared above us, swooping and waltzing and dancing across the sky…I will never cease to be amazed at how graceful such a big plane manages to be… and unfortunately I will now never see that dance again

The Boy finished his first off road bike experience with pockets full of conkers…


A bittersweet day. Fun but sad


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