Why  I don’t cycle on Wednesdays

For some reason cycling clubs seem to like the roads round our village and usually on a Wednesday the roads are peppered with people in lycra until after about 9pm.

When I puff by in my t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms I can feel the disapproval coming after me in waves… how dare I be sharing the roads with these serious cyclists… don’t I realise what the need to get round me will do to their times !!! How dare I be seen on a bike without a ludicrous amount of lycra…

I had naively assumed that cycling was a broad church that welcomed all comers and we were all equal in the eyes of other cyclists…oh how wrong can a slug be…

I haven’t tried cycling off road yet so I don’t know if I will be welcomed by MTBers but the road lot really don’t like seeing a slug on a hybrid pedalling along as fast as she can go. As for the more specialised bike shops and how the staff react when you get a middle age couple nosing around… well (and I don’t just mean the Daventry one I mentioned some time ago)!

OK I know not all cyclists are quite so snobbish. I am fortunate to work for an organisation that promotes cycling as a form of low carbon transport. We also have quite a few rock climbing acquaintances who are keen cyclists and will happily share their knowledge about different models/brands/equipment… even though they are usually at different ends of the price bracket to us.

Generally I find that if you talk to someone who cycles on a one to one basis they are fine but if you come across a group of cyclists forget it… they are just not very welcoming. Is this a new thing or has it always been there ? Having had very little to do with bikes or cyclist since the age of 18 I have no way of telling

That aside, if I have to cycle on a Wednesday then I avoid the routes I know will be infested… it’s taken me a lot of personal courage to get this far and I can do without grumpy men in tights thinking they own the roads…


2 thoughts on “Why  I don’t cycle on Wednesdays

  1. bribikes

    I have been reading through your blog, I love it so much! I am a slug too-but I hate driving cars so I decided to ride my bike instead-I got tricked out of sitting on the couch all the time! Oops!

    It must be hard to run into rude groups of cyclists but always remember cycling is for us too. Maybe especially for people like us 😉



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