Am I normal ?

 i am clueless when it comes to working out whether I am a slow cyclist or not so I thought I would get some guidance from some of those for whom cycling to work is just part of life… as opposed to those who dress up in Lycra and go hell for leather down the countryroads round us…

 So I contacted a friend Temporary Cassidy in one of our other offices who works with LC (Lovely Colleague, she who runs the Thin Club).  I had been calling him Hopalong, but his only hopping around on a temporary basis having slipped whilst walking a couple of months ago and broke his ankle… TC was, before the accident, a very active cyclist cycling to work everyday and going running after work together with yoga and pilates.

His ride to work was similar to what mine had been except he had a choice of off road (down the canal) or on road… His journey varied depening of traffic and headwind but the off road was usually about 40 minutes and the slightly longer traffic infested route was 55 minutes at most… So about 5 minutes a mile.

My brother was also happy to share his cycling experience and to pass on some suggestions such as joining Strava

“But my phone doesn’t really connect to the internet, I’m on a basic contract”

“That’s ok, as long as you have GPS and carry the phone with you on the ride then you can upload your data later”

BB (Big Brother) gave me something to aim for as his commute was shorter and faster. He completes it in about 12 minutes at about 3 minutes a mile. But he also tries to cycle during his lunch hour at least 3 time a week  “I’d like to do 50km but that isn’t really feasible in the time if I want a shower so usually its 30km”

Hmmm, so if I want to be as fit as my brother  (oh I do I do, I’ve seen what cycling has done for him !) then I am looking at cycling… hang on I need to convert his KMH to miles… about 130 miles a week minimum preferably at 3 miles an hour… that may take some time  to achieve  😦 and… Winters coming… at the moment I am pulling in about 15 miles a week !

I’m calling it a green today although I may regret it next week. The weight last night was 11.12 but oddly despite having eaten nothing and been to the loo it was 12 this morning  😦



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