Tuesday – The first cut is the deepest

So today was the first bike ride since the holiday and I was feeling seriously rusty.  Although we had cycled quite a bit the first week it had tailed off a bit in the second, mainly because I got fed up of having to reassemble my bike everytime.

We only have two slots on the bike carrier so the Man insisted that my bike be the one that gets disassembled and travels inside the van. This meant that before I went for a ride I had to reattch the quick release wheels…easy… and then clip the brakes back… not so easy. Even less easy when you cut the top of your thumb when making the evening meal… everytime I tried to put the back brake cables back into the requisite position I bled everywhere…

Then on the second but last night the heavens opened and all the bikes got soaked (mine goes out at night) and my gear shifters filled with sandy/grit because the bike was upside down…

The soaking and the constant dismantling didn’t seem to have left any permanent issues but it wasn’t the best of rides. I probably shouldn’t have decided to list the 19 possible routes by length and then decide to tackle them in order as the 2 shortest rides are the hardest ones.

Perversely these are some of my favourite rides but in a love hate way. I love it when I am out there cycling, I especially love it when I am lying on the floor by the back door having achieved it…but there is a definite reluctance on my part to get my butt off the sofa and out the door because I know I will have to face those hills…

Still feeling a lack of direction…


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