“Something better change…”

I woke up this morning before the others and crept downstairs to enjoy an early morning cup of tea on the patio… I like this time on a Sunday morning, it’s stolen time, as though the world is on pause…

Unfortunately I made the mistake of weighing myself whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Yep it had gone up. Not by much which I guess was a bonus, and if we hadn’t taken the bikes, and if I hadn’t kept a careful eye on the amount of ice cream consumed it could have been worse…

But an increase is an increase 😦

Later in the bath I pondered my progress. Sometimes in order to keep momentum you need to give things a boost by making a change, some small change which makes a big difference.

It’s like housework or gardening. If you do something like the laundry, loading the dishwasher or mowing the lawn the impact on how the house/garden looks it amazing as is its impact on your perception of how much more work needs to be done.

But what to do… failing to come up with a strategy I got out of the bath, dressed and went and mowed the lawn.  A couple of hours later with some major beds also weeded and the garden looking straighter I felt as though I was more in control of things.

I guess with the house in such a tip because of our return from holiday  AND the end of the holiday (work tomorrow) I am feeling a bit down so more inclined to feel low due to a few extra pounds creeping on…

But I am not sure what to do to try and move away from the 12 stone mark, no matter what I do I just keep hanging around this milestone  😦


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