Best. Bike ride. Eveh

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on with this blog. I mean trying to lose weight can be pretty soul destroying let alone boring the pants off other people by moaning about the struggle on the internet… but then something changed, my worst bike experience became my best and left me buzzing for hours.

We live in a little Warwickshire village connected by about 6 roads. Pretty much every road involves a hill very soon after you set off…which is odd because the village is also at the top of a hill!

There is one road in particular that I regard as my nemesis as the “hill” part of the ride cuts in within about 2 minutes of leaving the house. The last time I did this route the hill pretty much crucified me and is why I regard this particular route with love/hate… it is the shortest ride but the most intense because of the ascent/decent/ascent nature of it and leaves me feeling shattered but exhilarated… however it can take me some time to leave the house when I know that’s the route I will be doing.

So this particular evening I got home from work a bit earlier than usual and got ready to go for a ride and then discovered that there were a million and one other jobs to do first before I could possibly leave the house. By the time the Man and Boy got back the light was starting to fade and, still unwilling to face my demons, I gave the man the choice of which route I should do, over the motorway and back (which I loathe) or the short sharp shock… I knew in my heart what he would say as the failing light meant a quickie was all I would be able to fit in.

So set off low in spirits, warmed up with once round the block and chose to join the main road up the hill slightly further back then usual (I have a choice of 3 junctions) and started to slog my way… wait a minute what slog, I’m here at the top already ! Yep it was that easy, and I don’t know whether it was the warm up, run up, passage of time and better muscle or even the fact I’d actually remembered to pump my tyres up to the correct pressure or what, but I flew up that hill and all round the 3.5 mile circuit without pausing for breath or collapsing at the Man’s feet by the back door… I spend the rest of the evening on a happy giggling high of achievement.

OK so by the end of the week I’d also had my worst ride ever which ended with me walking back with a flat back tyre due to my own incompetence.

So here I am back on the internet because I want to remember the highs and lows of this journey and be able to look back on the good bits when I’m feeling down.

I kept notes during my holiday intending to write about some of it and I kept notes on about 2 weeks after our return. Some of this I may write about over the next few weeks so things may seem a bit out of order for awhile.

I am now about 10 weeks into trying to shift the blubber and to be honest things haven’t been going well. I’ve been eating healthily but not healthy enough, I’ve been exercising but not enough… I feel fitter but not less fat. So it’s time to turn things up a notch.


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