We’re all going on a summer holiday

We are off on holiday this evening…holidays are usually the death knell of good intentions.

Fortunately the Man has decided that we are taking the bikes as Denmark is apparently cycle friendly… however before that we have a seriously long ferry journey in front of us…from 9am to 5pm..

I’m packing my pedometer as I suspect that if I am going to do 8 hours on a ferry there will be a lot of walking around as even I may find it difficult to sit and read or knit for that length of time – the Boy will be climbing the walls if he isn’t kept moving and distracted

I am also taking the Matt Roberts Fat Loss book in case cycling doesn’t work out whilst we are on holiday

We will also be at the mercy of Ferry food…so a bag of snacks and some drinks is coming as backup

In case you were wondering I got to call it a Green this morning for Thin Club… but only just and completley undeserved after last nights pizza…


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